Combining the old-fashioned longing for human performance and a modern penchant for electronic sound, Echolocation puts the live back in lounge with their debut as an ambient jazz duo. After laying out the tracks digitally, bassist Massa Takemoto joins up with trumpet player Tetsuroh Konishi to overlay the human component of this modern mix live, in person. The end result is a sound that reflects the metropolitan lifestyle where people and the urban landscape blend into a single, symbiotic existence.

Early Morning Breaks, Vol. 3

Various Artists | Release Date: 06.24.2011
Label: peacelounge recordings
Format: CD (double) | Digital

Description: Echolocation has released its track "Frosted Glass" on the third edition of this chillout compilation series, produced by German label Peacelounge Records.

Beauty in an Empty Glass

Beauty in an Empty GlassEcholocation
Release Date: 03.31.2011
Label: tokyo sphere
Format: CD (limited) | Digital

Description: After releasing tracks on various international compilations, Massa and Tetsuroh have teamed up as Echolocation to put forth this EP as their first official album. Sit back and soak in the sounds.

Early Morning Breaks, Vol. 2

Early Morning Breaks Vol. 02Various Artists | Release Date: 03.09.2010
Label: peacelounge recordings
Format: CD | Digital

Description: Echolocation has released its track "In the Dark" on this chillout compilation CD, produced by German label Peacelounge Records.

Geyser Lounge Vol. 2

Geyser Lounge Volume 2Various Artists | Release Date: 05.31.2009
Label: geyser recordings
Format: CD | Digital

Description: "Volume 2 of the Geyser Lounge compilation series holds ready a fresh selection of chilled out, jazz and dub flavored electronica containing new and previously unreleased tracks by Echolocation, Manudub Soundsystem, Kat 5ive, Spied featuring Kikhausen, Pattysplanet, LFOcean, Anno Bergmann, Schow, Teimer, Rheinproduktion, Geyser as well as Riad Michael."

About the Artists

Massa Takemoto
Melding his experience as a professional bassist with his expertise as a sound/track designer, Massa provides both the flesh and the pulse of Echolocation's cool sound. Holding simplicity as his principal aesthetic ideal, he is known for producing tracks and beats that are balanced with the dichotomies of the tangible and intangible, the concrete and the abstract.

Tetsuroh Konishi
Like the layer of light tones that give a painting dimension, Tetsuroh's skills come to the forefront of Echolocation's music as the main melody. His approach to the Echolocation project is that of a true improvisationist: taking in the entirety of the music and playing when the moment is right.