News Digest
Just as the name implies, these are posts in which we update our readers on Echolocation's latest movements. Everything from releases to events to web activity, you'll find it under the News Digest tag.

(Compiled and edited by Lydia)

Mix Fix
For podcast junkies, from podcast junkies; find our latest mix faves in our Mix Fix posts. Here we provide links for streaming great podcasts found around the web, delivered to you just in time for the weekend.

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In the Clouds
Every once in a while, we handpick three sweet tracks from SoundCloud for this spotlight column. Check posts with the In the Clouds tag for info on new finds in the (truly) independent scene.

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Insider Review
One of the awesome things about being part of a compilation album is having the chance to hear new music. In posts labeled Insider Review, Massa and Tetsuroh take the opportunity to share some of these cool finds with you..

(Brought to you by Massa and Tetsuroh, translations and background info provided by Lydia)